Welcome to our gallery! Here you can see some past pieces we've created. Some have been for special events like art shows or auctions; some were custom orders; and some were creations of ours that we happened to capture in photos. While it's a bit difficult to set up a store to capture available inventory when many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind/limited edition, we are always happy to weave you a piece that resembles a creation here, or work with you to design your own special creation. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions.

Click here to see pictures from our past shows!

Show Memories
Tiny and Flame cookout

Fire dragon and Tiny Tiger, our diminutive mascot.

Scalemaille tealight candle holder.

Scalemaille candle holder with LED tealight.

Volcanic Lightning

Necklace inspired by the volcanic lightning phenomenon.

Desert Twilight

Necklace inspired by a southwestern American desert sunset.

green and gold dragon medium

Green and gold dragon with treasure.

purple silver tie

Chainmaille tie.

HPD empty 1

Chainmaille business card holder; stainless steel rings and Swarovski crystals.

13 Black

Black dragonscale weave necklace with jet Swarovski baroque pendant.

tiny owls

Tiny owls, posing on dimes for scale reference. Weight is only 1.1g each!

tiny bag

Small chainmaille bag with tiny dice; quarter for scale reference.

Polar Stratospheric

Necklace inspired by polar stratospheric clouds.

fire drops necklace

Delicate chainmaille necklace with fire polished glass drops.

pride bags medium

Pride-inspired chainmaille pouches.


Red dragon watching over her hoard.